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Start your life with Flower Remedy to feel better….

It is a personality based healing system that aims to find the root cause of the problem through the negative emotions  and ones  outlook to life and therefor it aims to treat the person and not the disease and  helps restore balance. 
Dr. Bach discovered the 38 Flower essences and each essence corresponded to a particular negative emotion.  He therefore divided these 38 Flower essences into 7 groups corresponding to different negative emotions as remedies for 
1) Fear,2) Uncertainty,3) Insufficient interest in present circumstances 4) Loneliness5) Oversensitivity to influences and ideas6) Despondency and despair7) Over care for the welfare of others. 
The flower remedies which have long recognised healing qualities incorporate in their preparation the four elements of earth, air, fire and water.  Earth where the flowers grow, air which surrounds them, fire from the sun and water from the spring . The flower remedies heal and change a negative state of mind to a positive and happy one, remove fear, anxiety or worry, ease tension and irritability, re assures the doubtful, strengthen the exhausted and develop confidence .As we go through life , we tend to build up layers of untreated imbalances which tend to build up layers of negative emotions. emotions which we are unaware of. 
When a client  comes for a consultation the Practitioner would identify the negative  feeling or emotion present at that time and  give the  flower remedy  which corresponds to the negative emotion.    The flower remedy encourages the positive emotions that lie dormant  to become strong enough to heal and eradicate  the negative feelings which in turn leads to  healing on all levels.  The action of the remedies is restorative and brings into  balance who we are.  
Dr Bach spoke of the remedies as being like beautiful music or anything uplifting that gives us inspiration.  It moves us , it calls out to something that is in us already .  When we take the remedies,  they encourage the positive emotions that were already in us to become strong enough to drive out the negative feelings that puts us  out of balance. We are not changed from who we are but a different side of us responds and gains energy.  

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