Success Stories

Shilpa Gupta
Shilpa GuptaDelhi, India

I highly recommend Prasanna as Bach Therapy consultant. She is kind and really knows her work. I took treatment from her for my mother and treatment has been helping her to overcome her fears, anxiety and suppressed emotions.

Prashant Ozardekar
Prashant OzardekarGujrat, India

The medicine helped a lot to cure my mom's head ache. It was after 15 years of her brain tumor surgery. I recommend floral therapy.

Priti Prakash Amdekar
Priti Prakash AmdekarMumbai, India

I highly appreciate Prasanna’s work and recommend Her. She is very thorough in her analysis and prescribes appropriate remedies which are very effective.

Karen Murphy
Karen MurphyLondon, UK

I am feeling so much better within myself, my anxiety has greatly reduced and I am beginning to accept myself,the practitioner Prasanna is also very patient and caring!

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