Master’s with Human Resource (Human Psychology) and a B.Ed. Psychology. I studied in India but moved to the UK in 2011 for better career prospects.  In India I worked for an IT company, and later as school teacher.

Studying and practicing was the purpose of coming to the UK where it was little known until 2016. Whereas, Bach flowers had shown the magic to me in 1999 for dad’s cancer. Never in my dream I felt after 18 years Bach flowers will be my calling and I completed my Bach flower training and learning in the UK in 2018 and established my practice in 2019.

Journey of Bach flowers and me…

Dr. Bach

There was a deep calling of Flower energy. But the reasons of why, where, what was unclear till December 1998. It came as a storm in my life at midnight on of 25th  December 1998.

My father had suffered from a persistent headache for a month. At this precise time in 1998 Dr. Naik made me run to a local hospital for an MRI on my Dad. It was 10 pm and everything was shut due to Christmas. Luckily the scanning room had only one available appointment. Scanning took almost 2 hours. Sitting alone in the cold dark room in the night was scary and worrying. My head was spinning. The scan finished at midnight. Along with the reports I was asked to see the Neurologist. Sitting in front of the neurologist, watching those MRI reports in warm light made me think are “Why is a detailed MRI required just for a headache?” I went numb with shock as the Doctor described that there was a malignant tumour located in the centre of his head which had been giving him the headache. A biopsy was needed to see exactly what will be needed to be done and how malignant it was. He said whatever treatment was given, there was no guarantee of success. I stepped out of hospital with my dad filled with trepidation.

The following week, the biopsy took place. It was a complicated procedure as the location of the tumour was at the centre of the brain. An ENT specialist, neurosurgeon and oncologist were engaged to carry out the elaborate Biopsy which took a long two and a half  hours. A tiniest needle going through his nose, reaching the tumour and just a micro gram fluid was to be extracted from the tumour for testing to confirm the diagnosis. Reports came as expected of “malignant brain tumour 4th grade cancer”. My mother and I were numbed by shock as we contemplated the worst.

In 1999, in India all treatments were available but there were hardly any recorded cases of survival and having a healthy life. The funny part was surgery was still an option, but would be on a trial basis to advance their learning. The terrible thought of surgery  could not be contemplated and I made a decision of “NO” but went ahead with the oncologist’s suggestion of Chemotherapy and local Radiation.

A total of seven Chemotherapies and forty local radiations were decided. My dad suffered extremely during the treatment.

What did Bach Flowers do?

“I don’t think anything has happened to me” – A statement of my dad with critical 4th stage malignancy.

What kept my dad going was Bach flowers.  The Chemo and Radiation treatments were very important in making the malignant tumour weak and eventually go away. But it’s the cancer treatment which normally kills the person not the cancer itself. To tolerate pain and the turmoil of emotions, strength & willpower, positiveness can be easily achieved by Bach flowers.  “I don’t think anything has happened to me” – these were my dad’s words while on treatment. His strong philosophy was that doctors were here to help with their knowledge. Whatever has happened, let them look into it. “When I feel nothing has happened to me, I mean something has happened to the body and not me”. These were astonishing words of my dad who was fragile, in pain and was suffering. Bach flowers were helping him to not feel anything had happened to him. These powerful flowers had taken him aside of cancer and were allowing him to see himself getting treated. He did have unbearable pain but he was able to bear it well with flower energy. He used to say cancer won’t kill me, but if I don’t trust myself that will kill me. This was the magic Bach flowers were doing in him. They were building trust, hope, confidence in him to fight the disease. Bach flowers were not allowing the side effects to reach the severity they would normally. Along with Bach flowers, homeopathic medicines were also given. Both of these alternative medicines were helping my dad recover tremendously.

According to me disease affects the physical, the mind interrupts it by making it either positive or negative. Bach flowers give direction to see and absorb right.  These emotions are responsible to take us ahead either to win or lose this race of life. Bach flowers made my dad win this race of uncertainty, fear, trauma and achieve wellbeing.

My father lost hearing from one ear  due to the radiation treatment. But apart from that, he is fit and fine today. He moves well enough to maintain and do his daily chores. He is an active listener even with the one ear. He has promised me that he will carry on in life this way. He has to see me treating many more people with Bach flowers to help them overcome their emotional problems and achieve happiness and peace. Service to humanity is his life principle,  like Dr. Naik, which I also aim to do till I cannot.

    What kept him going was seeing his helpless daughter. For me it was Bach flowers which allowed him to take whatever came and face it. It helped him go through every moment of uncertainty of life.

My mum (Aai)

“You stood strong with the innocence of nothing has happened. Your love for Papa was all that kept him going. You were not ready to believe what doctors said as you had tremendous faith in yourself that nothing will happen to my husband”. You cried and, showed all emotions but still didn’t believe that dad had cancer. Your belief was not real, as the doctors proved. I had to face the reality alone. I was sailing in the boat of your belief, the reality, and my faith. For you, dad was important and not the cancer. You showed me where to look at, no matter what was the reality as what we see as reality is always not realised till the end.  It later proved to be right. Cancer left Papa in the midst of 2000, which you had  always said was never there. You are with him and that is my strength.

My dad (Papa)

Papa is now 74,  healthy and fine. Papa never believed that anything had happened to him. He had gratitude towards cancer – What a selfless approach!! You were not able to eat, swallow, chew the food or sleep well. Your throat was scalped with extreme heat produced due to radiation. Drinking water was also painful. The doctors had asked to make sure that he discharged urine up to a minimum 2 Ltrs every day.  The amount of water he needed to drink was 3-4 Ltrs to flush away the toxins of the chemo. Even with that pain you did it for me. I couldn’t see that but to be still.  You thanked all the doctors for treating you and never complained for the terrible pain you were facing for all of a year and a half. You were always thankful for their knowledge and support. You always believed life is gifted to us. We have to be extremely thankful for every moment in our life for whatever it is giving us. It’s an experience for which we are all here for. Life is more important & Death is ultimate. But fearing death will stop us living. For this life to be beautiful and memorable only gratitude is the answer. And you have proved it, Papa. What I read in books you have made it real by example. You taught me the highest prayer – “the Prayer of GRATITUDE”!!!

I don’t know how far I have reached or gained strength but for sure I can’t reach anywhere near you or mum’s thoughts. I will ask God again and again to have you both as parents. I am selfish but I think I do have that much right to demand God of what I want. I am going to survive only because of you both.

Everything was possible because my family ….

Shirish and my beautiful kids Atharva & Praneel ring the bell of every moment. Before you came into my life this all had happened and passed. But today whatever I am penning down, making things happen, letting the world know, achieving all the success, running the practice couldn’t happen without your understanding and support. I, being far away for learning and you managing to do all things and most important, looking after the kids was so important. Everything I have done you are with me to make it more beautiful and real. You believed in my every action, you trusted me in my every move is what made all this happen. You all are my light house. You made that light house come in real where all the journey back to forth comes in this website.  “the Journey of Me to I… “

Dr. Satyasheel Naik 

M.S. (Ortho), Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon (Pune) India– 30 years

Everything started with this man’s intelligence. If he did not diagnose why my dad had continuous head ache of 1-month, I do not think Papa would have been here today. Thank you too little for you Dr. Naik…

Dr. Naik you are the anchor of my life. Even today you bless me. The teaching I got from you was “Service to Humanity” which now is my life through Bach flowers. You are so proud of me. I notice that always in your eyes, your every single word and blushing smile. It’s you who made me go ahead on this journey. You will only have pride in me for having me in your life.

Dr. Pradeep Sethiya

BHMS, MD – Homeopathy

Professor at D. S. Homoeopathic Medical college, (Pune) India -30 yrs.

Without whom I would never have reached here….

This profound healing system was introduced to me by Dr. Pradeep Sethiya- A Homeopathic doctor. A person who was with me silently holding my hand without letting me know what he was doing for us. His silence knew everything which I hardly could understand. My huge cry, agony and pain use to keep him still to answer all questions about my father’s cancer. Dr. Sethiya used homeopathic medicines and Bach flower remedies extensively for treating my father’s malignant brain tumour.

He was and still is our family doctor for long time. He treated us whenever we needed him. He had told me even before dad got cancer I should study Bach flowers. I was too young to understand what he meant. I said to him I want to study but somehow, I am not happy doing it now. Along with his homeopathic practice, he is a Professor in one of the renowned homeopathic college. He used to conduct Bach flower courses for those who were interested to study. I didn’t choose to study there. Who knew I was going to study it in the womb where Dr. Bach resided and discovered this wonderful healing system?

Dr. Sethiya, your tremendous knowledge in your field and approach to it is very well appreciated. You gave me Bach flowers as a gift with the real life experience of my dad. I can’t thank enough to this wonderful human being who treated my dad and he is still with us and will continue to be. All my gratitude to you, your knowledge, your generosity and kindness.


Dr. Kasbekar and Dr. Ranade both are very well-known Oncologists in (Pune- India) who treated my dad. For them it was extremely challenging that time.  Thank you very much for all that you did for us.

My very Precious clients!!

My identity is because of you without whom I would not be known. My clients are the most important to me. You all came from nowhere, trusted me, allowed me to treat you all. It is because of you that I am what I am today. You getting healed, feeling good, overcoming the problems and having a balanced life is the measure of my achievement and success. Treating you all with Bach flowers made me understand more what actual emotions mean than studying from books. You all are my pioneers of this practice.

Bach Centre – UK 

To the Bach Centre, I thank all the teachers who taught me with so much of generosity. The knowledge you all provided is extremely valuable. My learning & evaluation made me understand where I stand. My certification for global practice became possible only at the Bach centre UK. My deepest gratitude to all my teachers, staff and the Bach centre. My special thanks to my teacher Lynn McWhinnie from whom I learnt the most.

A note of gratitude to all my dear ones

Mr. Nageshkar who guided me to get consulted towards Dr. Kasbekar – An Oncologist. Thankyou Mr. Nageshkar for your all support kindness and help in tragic hour. You showed me how to handle these things when we don’t know where to look at.

I am extremely thankful to all my family who were equally terrified with this trauma. To all my cousins, my uncle and aunties, my most loving granny, family friends without you all this was just next to impossible. It’s hard to stress how important you all had been with me on this journey from 1999 – 2001.

My dear friend Mr. Ganesh Ladkat who is creditable and has always been with me in my learning and all happy and sad moments as a pillar of support which is “Our Friendship”. Its pleasure to be with him on this “journey of Me to I”.

Mrs. Soman a friend from whom I took small learning while on a visit. She is a beautiful soul teaching in her local community and also giving the flower remedies those who need.

Thank you all for being with me on this journey of Bach flowers and I am sure you will all be there always.