Rashmi Sethi
Rashmi SethiDelhi, India (01/05/2020)

It is same time of the year , I have received a message from Prasanna as my sis in law in London met her in the office . My Sis in law shared about my father's health condition nd his peculiar disease.

First time I interacted wd her makes me feel hopeful as my father is having a disease PSP( Neurology disease) which doesn't have cure in Allopathy across the world.

I got to understand from Prasanna that she cannot cure the disease but can heal the emotions which are the root cause of the same.

I opened my heart to her and she was so very well connected to my situation. I got the first batch of medicine for my father but I was surprised to receive medicine for me as well which I have never ordered.

I used to have frequent conversations with her because I only used to speak about my father's previous nd current life nd his emotions as my father has lost his speech because of his disease.

As per my feedback she used to prepare the medicines and assured that it will really help him emotionally nd give him peace .

She could see soo much connected to my father that it was ruining me from within and can cause diseases to me on future. I have started taking medicines as per her advice .

Whenever I used to speak with her it was a great source of positivity. I was sure that my father could not speak the effect of the medicines but he used to be more calm and relaxed after taking the medicines .

Then only after a month he has undergone a surgery and he came out of it taking the medicines regularly.

It was a tough time though for me and my family but it helped me in facing the situation.

On November 5th'2019, my father was admitted to hospital due to choking of food nd never came back .

I still can't believe from where I got that strength to face that situation but was aware that the medicines did there job well.

I am still taking these medicines to heal me completely..... I am really thankful to her for supporting me through the toughest phase of my life..

The flower energy does helps you emotionally by making u strong from within and accept the present situation.

Gargi Richard Sequiera
Gargi Richard SequieraLondon, UK (01/07/2020)

I am so grateful to Prasanna who helped me during the Corona pandemic. I was going through anxiety & depression for about 10 days & when I Contacted GP I was told that I have symptoms of acidity. They gave me medication but after a few days when situation did not improve I GP told me i was suffering from Anxiety and said i need counselling. A bit later I just happened to speak to Prasanna and she gave me floral therapy medicine. It worked wonders it was really amazing. In weeks time up and down I felt good from within. I felt like a miracle. Had Prasanna not suggested this remedy i would still have been still suffering.
Thank you Prasanna for helping me recover from my Anxiety.

Prashant Ozardekar
Prashant OzardekarGujrat, India

The medicine helped a lot to cure my mom's head ache. It was after 15 years of her brain tumor surgery. I recommend floral therapy.

Shilpa Gupta
Shilpa GuptaDelhi, India

I highly recommend Prasanna as Bach Therapy consultant. She is kind and really knows her work. I took treatment from her for my mother and treatment has been helping her to overcome her fears, anxiety and suppressed emotions.

Karen Murphy
Karen MurphyLondon, UK

I am feeling so much better within myself, my anxiety has greatly reduced and I am beginning to accept myself,the practitioner Prasanna is also very patient and caring!

Priti Prakash Amdekar
Priti Prakash AmdekarMumbai, India (28-01-2019)

work and recommend Her. She is very thorough in her analysis and prescribes appropriate remedies which are very effective.

Soumya Hosur
Soumya HosurWatford, UK (29/01/2019)

I highly recommend Prasanna for the Bach remedies. The way she listens to our emotional concerns and her ability to understand the situations, opposite person feels so relaxed before taking remedies itself. The mixture of remedies what she gives has helped me a lot in better way. Thank you very much.

Santosh Lunavat
Santosh LunavatPune, India (04/03/2019

प्रिय मित्र प्रसन्ना डेढ़ महीने पहले हमारी आपके साथ व्हाट्सएप पर मुलाकात हुई और मेरी धर्मपत्नी के बीमारी के बारे में आपसे चर्चा हुई आपने बड़ी शालीनता पूर्वक पूरी जानकारी लेने के पश्चात फ्लावर रेमेडीज की दवाइयां मेरी पत्नी को देने की सलाह दी और पिछले 45 दिनों से निरंतर उस दवाइयों का हम उपयोग कर रहे हैं और उसका असर भी मेरी पत्नी पर दिखाई दे रहा है| उसकी नकारात्मक मानसिकता धीरे धीरे सकारात्मकता मैं बदल रही है तथा उसकी बोलो में भी काफी सुधार हुआ है मैं आपका बहुत शुक्रगुजार हूं आप की सोच आपका स्नेह भाव और सहयोग की भावना तथा आदर पूर्वक बार बार उनकी तबीयत की जानकारी लेना यह हमारे लिए बहुत ही आनंद दाई प्रतीत होता है | मैं ईश्वर के चरणों में यही दुआ करूंगा कि आपके कर कमलों द्वारा आपके दवाइयों द्वारा तथा आपके विचारों के सहयोग द्वारा ऐसे पीड़ित मरीजों का भला हो| उनके दुआओं की आप भागीदार बने कृपा अभिलाषी
English translation.
Dear Prasanna I met you on WhatsApp around 1 and half months earlier & I discussed about my wife’s health problems with you.
You with a great patience took all the information from me and then advised your flower remedies.
And we have been using your remedies for last 45 days.
I can clearly see that effect on my wife. Her negative attitude has changed into positive slowly. Her speech has improved a lot.
And also behavior has changed a lot.
I’m really very very thankful to you. I really feel immense pleasure by seeing your care, respect, service and your cooperation as you repeatedly kept checking and inquiring about my wife’s health. I feel immensely happy for this.
I shall pray to God that you may heal many people those who are suffering by your hands, through your nice thoughts, support and with these medicines.
I wish you to be part of their blessings.
Thankyou, yours,

Snehal Deshmukh
Snehal DeshmukhMumbai, India (02-04-2019)

Absolutely Works!! It helped me to reduce my anxiety. Earlier I used to get nervous because of small things but now I don’t. The way Prasanna listens our small emotional concerns are just great.I highly recommend this remedy. Thank you so much Dear.

Bhakti Parab
Bhakti ParabPune, India (03-03-2019)

I highly recommend Prasanna for the Bach remedies. The mixture of remedies she has given for my son has great help to reduced his impatience and increase positive approach. Thank you very much.

Sanket Mutha
Sanket MuthaPune, India (02-04-2019)

The flower essences (remedies )has very effective that improves pronunciation and reduce the fear and many more. Thank you so much.

Jyoti Amdekar
Jyoti AmdekarMumbai, India (25-03-2019)

I knew about the flower remedies however was not aware how effective these remedies are and how fast they provide positive effect. Prasanna’s accurate diagnosis and accurate prescription helped me change my day to day life. I used get irritated with small things, used to insist others to do things my way but now I am able to consider others point of view, accept things with different perspective. My disagreement with others used to disturb me a lot and I used to be unhappy. All that has disappeared and I feel calm and happy.My blood pressure is also now in control.These changes have happened within the short duration of two months. Prasanna’s skill of diagnosis is amazing and deserves a pat on her back.I am really greatful for her help and wish her all the best for her future endeavour.

TanmayMuthaPune, India (05-04-2019)

I recommend Prasanna madam’s medicines for stress and anxiety. She is good in understanding the problems and emotions. The medicine given by her is helpful to reduce my stress and anxiety.
Thank you so much mam.

Patel Gauri Himanshu
Patel Gauri HimanshuWatford, UK (28/01/2019)

amazing remedies. works wonder for my dad..

Amit Gupta
Amit GuptaDelhi, India

I highly recommend Prasanna for Bach flower therapy treatment which she does by all her hard Work n dedication while dealing with her clients ..she listen calmly n treats in best of manner and takes timely feedback of her treatment ...I went through a phase of hyper sensitivity n anxiety but within short span of time I was able to overcome !!! Thanks a ton !God bless keep doing good work !!