Anxiety – Part 1

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(There is one more article of anxiety before. If not read please have read over it. )

Lets see why the person can’t cope up with it.
-Anxiety is a prison the person lives in created by himself due to many happenings which he/she can’t deal or face on its own.
-Has tried numerous ways to deal but is still feels helpless.
-Different areas which I will be covering. Like addiction, anxiety takes the person in addiction, while leaving addiction or overcoming it there is anxiety, failures in life, hopes which r not answered, death of near and dear ones, support system which is gone or is never there.. 
-Opening up sometimes helps sometime doesn’t.
-Severe anxieties lead to take over more energy where even simple happening which is against is unbearable.

“Where are we loosing grip over us which leads to such situations of depression, anxiety, sadness, extreme depression and all that puts in self created prison?”

Think over and your discussions are welcomed in comments.

I very strongly and confidently can say there are many suffering and are living in hope to find that ray of happiness which allow them to breathe freely and happily. 
“we are on journey of happiness”. So which door should we knock?

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