Anxiety part 2 – Worry:

Worry is to think about the problem happened or will happen that makes the person feel unpleasant, uncomfortable or unhappy.
In severe anxiety cases even a thought sends a chill in spine. Cramps in stomach, sweating, extreme nervousness, tremble feel, week all contribute to anxiety.

Also even if someone might describe a situation or happenings which makes one feel unhappy, frightened because of unwanted thing might happen or resonate of happening. 
The frightening emotions leads to extensive worry for many things. As simple as opening the door, waking up for toilets, going to workplace, school, social places and so on. These simple things makes the hell for the person dealing in these anxieties. 
There are many reasons and factors which contribute to this worry which leads to anxiety. Bach flowers help to overcome these negative emotions. 
One of my clients have shared her experience about anxiety & how the flower energy has helped her. Have a read.

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