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Anxiety part 2 – Worry:

Worry is to think about the problem happened or will happen that makes the person feel unpleasant, uncomfortable or unhappy.In severe anxiety cases even a thought sends a chill in spine. Cramps in stomach, sweating, extreme nervousness, tremble feel, week all contribute to anxiety. Also even if someone might describe a situation or happenings which …

Anxiety – Part 1

🌸🌸Floral energy 4u is dealing in variety of emotions and cases to it🌸🌸 (There is one more article of anxiety before. If not read please have read over it. ) Lets see why the person can’t cope up with it.-Anxiety is a prison the person lives in created by himself due to many happenings which …

Floral Energy Benefits!!!!

Helping you to Refresh, re frame, revitalize !! You will regain your self, lost in chaos of thoughts and worries. You will be thankful to finding your new “You” Floralenergy4U does deeper consultations for more inclination and getting desired results for all those who need emotional help.