Flower Remedy and you!!!

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What flower remedies do ?
This is a short description
What happens when a client comes or gets consultation from the Practitioner ?
How do you feel? What emotions are you dealing with?

My job is to identify the negative  feeling and underlying emotions to it..
The journey of healing for you starts … with the flower remedy  which corresponds to the emotion.    The remedial measures encourages the positive emotions to restore in physical body thus allowing the dormant to become strong enough to heal and eradicate  the negative feelings which in turn leads to  healing on all levels.
The flowers energy which is premixed in water is further combined with all those remedies required for you in 30 ml water to be taken for said duration time.
The consultation takes place in physical personal, video call, Skype, what’s app or phone call.
3 weeks or 1 months repeat consultation based on how u feel.
The new you is ready to heal further with negatives which come up during the process.
You can stop anytime as there r no hard and fast rules to it.
They only work on emotions. They don’t treat physical symptoms. There have been evidence people experiencing how they were healed physically which actually getting treated physically.

The Bach Remedy system is a complementary system and does not target the physical symptoms directly as it  focuses on the emotional state of the person. It’s absolutely fine a d safe to use it along with any other treatment as it doesn’t come in between any other treatments. It works on a different level so it can be  used safely along with allopathy, homeopathy, Ayurvedic, Unani, herbal medicines or any other alternative therapies. The remedies are non toxic and will not react or interfere with other medicines.

In Dr Bach’s Flower Remedies there are no ready mix , remedies for any particular emotion or set of emotions which can be purchased over the counter or if any practitioner selling it with creation names studied by him. If you come across anyone or anything like this get assured it’s a malpractice. Remedies are prepared keeping the individual’s current emotions and state of mind. Each Remedy is bespoke to specific to the individuals current  needs arising from his/ her situation, happenings and scenarios. Thus every Remedy mix is unique and specific to the individuals needs and requirement

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